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Building the Ideal Customer Experience

An impactful go-to-market strategy with a focused ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) strategy is critical to achieving client and revenue growth. To deliver sustainable and repeatable growth, however, your business needs to apply as much focus to developing your ICX (Ideal Customer Experience).

Here’s why this is critical:

66% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. They demand faster response times with multi-channel communication and a great experience with every interaction end-to-end. (

52% of consumers said they’ll spend more if they had superior customer service.

It’s 7x more expensive to acquire a new customer versus retaining an existing customer.

Foundational Elements of Building your ICX strategy

BUILD a CX task force of a cross-functional team of analysts, product specialists, service, sales, design, and marketing to review metrics and outcomes to generate recommendations that address issues and optimize the client experience.

DESIGN your Customer Experience. Map your customer journey from end-to-end. Establish key metrics, interactions at each stage, and preliminary service level agreements. Validate assumptions from your customers and employees then prioritize and act upon them.

ALIGN all teams, internally, on a common customer experience vision. Custom experience (CX) is more than just the customer service department and marketing team’s responsibility. The entire company owns CX, and parsing components to various functions could result in communication and ownership issues with internal conflict and a lack of accountability across all teams.

Consider creating a core team that owns customer data and generates insights that share it across the Enterprise to support the vision.

OPTIMIZE your CX by leveraging analytics and tools to enable your staff to deliver on your client vision. Identifying the tools that enable real-time access to client data and insights position your teams to proactively engage with customers. Use these insights to optimize your standard processes and SLAs that support your client experience vision.

Delivering gorgeous customer experiences requires ongoing nurturing and measurement. Not many organizations get it right, but those that do are able to sustain momentum and deliver improved business results. Using the steps above will bring you closer to the ideal experience and instill a culture of focusing on CX as a standard practice.

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