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Winning the War on Talent

Many Series A organizations struggle to fill their headcount targets in what feels like a war on talent. For those of you in the early stages of building your companies, we understand how critical your first round of hires is to your revenue ramp and your culture.

We have many leaders reach out for advice and suggestions on navigating the talent market. So, we thought it would be helpful to summarize some of the conversations The Resonance Agency, along with our network of recruiters, have with them…

1. Are you crisp in communicating your company’s mission and shared values to prospective candidates? Candidates are choosing companies based on an organization’s values, the mission, and how aligned the candidate’s goals are with the company’s goals. Don’t hold back sharing that information and why you believe they are a good fit for your organization.

2. Everyone is clear on the job requirements for a sales position. In its most basic form, it’s setting meetings, closing deals, and hitting quotas. However, do your job descriptions also explain the traits you’re looking for in non-jargony language? Be authentic and focus heavily on the people, not just the task. Remember, you build culture from the outside, in.

3. With that, is your recruiting team clear on what to look for in a candidate? Be specific on the traits, and how to identify those traits during the interview process for both parties to quickly identify fit. Write down the questions that help your team get to know a candidate as a person.

4. What do you bring to the table? Remember, you are tapping passive candidates, who are also interviewing you. Be clear in promoting the value you bring to employees and how you invest in people. Can you give examples?

5. Have you defined an approach to building rapport and establishing relationships with passive candidates? Oftentimes a company reaches out once to candidates and then moves on when a candidate tells them they aren’t interested in leaving their current role. And then one day, they go for a new opportunity! Be deliberate in whom you want to work for your company and get to know them. Stay in touch with people, build a rapport, share company updates, and invite them to events.
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