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Positioned a SaaS Startup to Close their Series A

We were hired to design and deliver a repeatable sales model to secure funding.

We had an exciting opportunity to help two proven founders launch and rapidly scale their second company.

The Resonance was hired because of our track record, our deep sales experience, and most importantly, our ability to execute quickly.

The first phase of our engagement focused on designing a sales playbook, and delivering early wins. In 3 short months, the company closed a 10M seed round.

With the funding, our team was then tasked with implementing the sales model we designed and scaling up the sales team. We led the sales and sales enablement efforts that further validated and demonstrated a repeatable and fruitful revenue model. Our work unleashed the organization and positioned the team to close their Series A round (5 months after closing a seed round).

Wow! They are pretty impressive!

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