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Transformed a University's Marketing Strategy

We were hired to enable and transform a digital marketing strategy for a leading university.

We were honored to be chosen by a top public university. Our task was to build and deliver innovative tools and processes that gave the marketing department a competitive edge.

Higher education is highly competitive and seeing increasing pressure due to shifts in demographics, cost constraints and consumer expectations in a dynamic and changing market. This environment demanded more timely insights, and improved ROI. Once exacerbated by COVID-19, a transformation to their maturity model became an even greater strategic imperative.

The Resonance Agency was selected because of our deep operational experience and our reputation leading digital transformation initiatives.

We provided the foundational tools and framework that positioned the marketing department to be a more sophisticated data-driven organization Our team developed the strategic workflows, SLAs, report deliverables and an insights roadmap for the next 5 years.

Our work helped deliver a 30% productivity improvement for analytics and campaign reporting, a 15% improvement on wasted digital advertising spend, and re-focused 3,600 team hours to higher-value work aligned with business objectives.

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