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Maria Meadows

Co-Founder and CEO

Maria Meadows excels at building sustainable sales growth, and has carved out a name for herself as someone capable of repeatedly architecting revenue-leading sales teams. She spent the last 15 years designing and developing growth streams for organizations ranging from 50-person start-ups to enterprise sales divisions. Most notably, she served as Division President at Gannett Company’s USA Today, delivering double-digit growth for a business unit responsible for over $500M in revenue. Prior to Gannett she designed and scaled the first revenue channel for Network Solutions (now Her success is rooted in an ability to understand what needs to happen and how to operationalize a clearly defined strategy.
Maria is an accelerator, working quickly and intensively to entrench herself within an organization and to identify what’s working and what’s not. She relies on data and insights to clearly define product-market fit, clarify a company’s value proposition and determine a go-to-market strategy.
Maria is unique in her ability to swiftly adapt and pivot, to do more with less and to embrace chaos on the road to quantifiable growth.

(202) 571-8717

Maria Meadows
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