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Patricia Miller

Co-Founder and CSO

Patricia Miller has led large-scale organizational transformations for the past two decades. From serving as President and Publisher of The Indianapolis Star to consolidating 109 independent business units into one unified service and operations group at Gannett Company, Patricia has never met a business challenge she didn’t face with curiosity and a passion to solve.

Patricia is a navigator. She has an insatiable curiosity to learn about new things and to understand what really drives a business behind the scenes. Her fascination with both human behavior, technology and business data has shaped her approach to problem solving, and has led her to transform organizations into engines of sustained growth.

With experience leading and building top-performing teams across multiple divisions of an organization, including sales, product, content and client management, Patricia has a deep, first-hand understanding of how to connect the complex dots within a business in a way that drives alignment, operational efficiency and scale. She thrives on establishing and scaling processes within individual business units in order to elevate entire organizations

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Patricia Miller
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