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Accelerating mission-driven B2B teams for breakthrough growth

Resonance is the quality of a sound being deep, full, and reverberating; it is a phenomenon of increased amplitude.

This is how your growth story should sound. 

But with B2B founders expected to generate growth at breakneck speeds year over year, many organizations struggle to adapt, deliver results and strengthen their core in ever-changing markets.

We believe in the power of businesses like yours to build truly sustainable growth, and are ready to help you execute.

The Resonance Agency is a hand-picked team of growth drivers with curated expertise across multiple segments, growth stages and ICPs.

Our leaders boast over 25 years of combined executive sales experience across pre-seed startups and multi-billion dollar businesses, spanning B2B SaaS, HealthTech, AdTech, FinTech and more.

We understand the delicate balance between immediate results and a sustainable future, and the added strain of antsy board members and an economy in flux.


We built our model to quickly resource founders with an experienced sales team and proven processes that deliver. Our success formula is experience, discipline, resourcefulness, talent alignment, and quick decision-making.

We work as an extension of your team, driving new business while building a system for continual refinement and improvement.

Forget 12 months of planning and testing. Thriving as an early-stage business is about future-proofed strategic execution and impact, today.


Female-founded and rooted in sales leadership experience.


Our CEO & Founder, Maria Meadows, spent the last 15 years developing growth streams for 50-person start-ups and enterprise sales divisions.


Maria excels at building sustainable sales growth, driven by an understanding of what needs to happen when, and how to operationalize a clear and repeatable strategy.

She has translated her experience into an operating model that helps mission-driven organizations quickly execute a sales strategy with impact and scale.

This model is the foundation of the Resonance Agency, allowing fast-moving teams to standup fully tested and data-backed processes, resourced with experts in their unique industry.


Accelerate with confidence

We rely on data and insights to quickly identify what's working and what's not, define product-market fit, clarify a company’s value proposition and determine a go-to-market strategy.

We hit the ground running with rapid testing and iteration, so insights keep flowing along side new deals and revenue.

Our experts remove many of the pitfalls other founders experience and help you embrace the chaotic road to growth.

Book a call with us today to discover how The Resonance Agency can help you reach your full potential.

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