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Accelerating mission-driven B2B teams for breakthrough growth

Resonance is the quality of a sound being deep, full, and reverberating; it is a phenomenon of increased amplitude.

This is how your growth story should sound. 

But with B2B founders expected to generate growth at breakneck speeds year over year, many organizations struggle to adapt, deliver results and strengthen their core all at once.

We believe in building solid and sustainable engines for exponential longterm growth, and we're ready to help you implement your own today.

The Resonance Agency is a hand-picked team of growth drivers with curated expertise across multiple segments, growth stages and ICPs.

Our leaders boast over 25 years of combined executive sales experience across pre-seed startups and multi-billion dollar businesses, spanning multiple verticals across B2B SaaS and Tech.

We understand the delicate balance between immediate results and a sustainable future, and the added strain of antsy board members and an economy in flux.

So we built our model to quickly build and implement a scalable growth engine, complete with the talent and templates you need to rapidly scale your growth.

No fluff.
Just tangible results you can build upon for sustainable scale.

The market is full of firms that share generic advice you could just as easily get from a podcast or how-to blog. Unfortunately, what sounds great in a board doesn't always apply in the field.


At the Resonance Agency, we focus on high-impact growth drivers that have been strategically identified for your businesses challenges, primary buyers, and current resources, and we'll work with you to demonstrate success indicators you can confidently bring to your next QBR.

Accelerate with Confidence

Expert Guidance

Our advisors are seasoned professionals with years of experience across diverse industries. They bring a wealth of knowledge and proven strategies to propel your sales and marketing efforts forward.

Customized Solutions

Our customized approach ensures that strategies are perfectly aligned with your specific goals and market context.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our services are designed to grow with your business. Whether you’re looking to scale quickly or expand gradually, our flexible model accommodates your evolving needs without compromising on the quality of advisory delivered.

Impactful Results

We focus on delivering measurable outcomes. From boosting sales figures to enhancing market reach, our advisory services are designed to produce tangible results that significantly impact your bottom line.

Minimize Risk

Our model allows you to focus on your core business initiatives while our top-tier sales and marketing executives design and execute a high-performance growth engine and framework for scalable revenue.

Strategic Partnership

Consider us an extension of your team. We work closely with you, ensuring open communication and a deep understanding of your business. This collaborative approach enables us to execute strategies that are seamlessly integrated into your operations.

Connect with our team today to understand how the Resonance Agency can accelerate your growth.


Female-founded and rooted in sales leadership experience.


Our CEO & Founder, Maria Meadows, spent the last 15 years developing growth streams for 50-person start-ups and national enterprise sales divisions.


Maria excels at building sustainable sales growth, driven by an understanding of what needs to happen when, and how to operationalize a clear and repeatable strategy.

She has translated her experience into an operating model that helps mission-driven organizations quickly execute a sales strategy with impact and scale — and now we're bringing that model to businesses like yours.

Meet your go-to partner
for breakthrough growth that scales

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