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Meet Your
New Growth Engine

Focusing on the highest impact revenue-drivers for your business, The Resonance Agency creates and implements an end to end sales and marketing machine to take your team from early sales to sustainable scale.

We leverage decades of experience in the tech industry to rapidly craft, implement and prove out a powerful revenue engine for B2B tech founders.


A Comprehensive Audit

Our engagements kick off with an audit of your existing sales and marketing data, most effective messaging and pitches, revenue models, pricing and packaging, as well as a thorough look at the market and primary competitors. This ensures our support is always data-backed, informed, and tailored to your unique situation.

The Resonance Agency has been sensational at getting our growth to the point it is now, and we’re looking forward to continuing to crush it and grow in the new year.

Dave Kerrigan | Founder at BenefitPitch

Positioning & Strategy

By combining insights from our audit and a deep well of expertise, we focus on the three primary components of successful outreach: who you’re selling to, how you’re reaching them, and what you’re bringing to the table. We work with your team to define your Ideal Customer Profile, determine the channels with the highest likelihood of success, and refine your offering and positioning to ensure it’s delivering value and urgency in a low-friction package.

Lead Gen Development


Whether it’s a single sequence from your founder to their network, or an omni-channel campaign to support customer expansion, we work with your team to develop scripts, sales outreach cadences, messaging templates, and targeted advertising to rapidly scale new business development.


Automation & Tooling

So that you can focus on the highest-value activities, The Resonance Agency will fully manage the sourcing, set-up and optimization of tools to support your revenue operations. From contact databases and CRM setup, to automated workflows to support deal stages, lead routing, and email marketing, we’ll implement a low-touch, end-to-end funnel that will serve your team for years to come.


Playbook Development & Refinement

Our goal is to set you up with a clear process for generating new revenue, and an engine that shows indicators of repeatable success. We package everything we have learned and developed into an easy-to-scale playbook, and work with you to implement data-backed iterations to improve the overall effectiveness of your new funnel.

The Resonance Agency brought instant value to our company's sales efforts by stepping in as a strategic and process focused partner.

They asked for a "seat at the table" and when they took it, they immediately began contributing.

JB Daniell | CEO at Dialog Health

Hiring & Onboarding

Whether you’re ready for 2 sales reps or 20, The Resonance Agency is here to design, model and source a revenue team that meets your specific industry and needs. Informed by decades of on-the-ground sales leadership, our team will complete a cost analysis, build a team structure and compensation model, and hire the optimal sales team to execute your new playbook. We will then work with you to onboard, train, and coach them into masters of your tooling, pitch, and product.


Partner Connections

The right partner can be a huge accelerator for your growing business. We have developed a deep network of vetted specialists, vendor solutions, and agencies and are proud to connect our clients with exceptional partners for growth across their business. From content and video production to engineering, compliance and funding, we’re here to connect you with resources that support your top priorities.


Ongoing Advisory

We’re deeply invested in our customers success, and one of our greatest joys is continuing to support you as your business grows. The Resonance Agency offers flexible advisory services after our engagement for one-on-one coaching, to launch new initiatives, channels or offerings, or to help navigate industry, market, or organizational changes.

Meet your go-to partner
for breakthrough growth that scales

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