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Growth Launch

Unlock access to our sales & marketing frameworks and templates to quickly build your own growth engine.

A perfect fit if you are ready to:

→ Move beyond founder-led sales
→ Invest in the first phase of sales and marketing
→ Develop a structured framework for business development
→ Minimize risks while launching your go-to-market strategy

Looking to access senior expertise but need a leaner approach?

The Resonance Agency empowers early-stage founders with customizable sales infrastructure and templates for you team to DIY. We’ll meet with you along the way to provide expert guidance, answer your questions and coach your team while they build the engine.

This engagement is perfect for leaders who want to accelerate their launch and grow sales.

What You're Looking for

Our Growth Launch Engagement is crafted for organizations that are at the brink of investing in sales resources and tooling to accelerate early wins. If you're seeking a partner to build the necessary infrastructure for early-stage growth and establish a framework for new opportunity creation, this package is designed for you.

What You'll Get

This Engagement Includes:

  • High Level Revenue Audit & Growth Strategy Consultation: Evaluate your current revenue and growth strategies and identify areas of opportunity.

  • Refined Messaging: Learn how to best tell your story and highlight key differentiators that center your customer’s top priorities.

  • Target List for DIY Outreach: High-quality list of prospects matching your target company and buyer profiles to launch a DIY campaign.

  • Outreach Templates & Sales Sequence: We’ll develop and implement a tailored outreach sequence directly into your CRM to enable your founder-led sales.

  • Revenue Operations Tooling: Implement tooling to support sales outreach including business development automation, list generation databases, and CRM for sales processes and forecasting.


Early-Stage Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in helping startups and early-stage companies build solid sales and marketing foundations. We understand the challenges of transitioning from founder-led sales to a scalable sales framework.

Tailored Solutions

We provide customized solutions that align with your specific business goals and growth objectives. Our approach ensures that the strategies we implement are practical and effective for your unique situation.

Risk Minimization

We help you minimize risks associated with launching your go-to-market strategy by providing a proven playbook and the right tools for growth. Our focus is on ensuring that your investments yield the best possible returns.

They began creating outreach emails and, within the first 30 days, they had 4x our meetings booked with prospective buyers.  With the Resonance Agency, BenefitPitch has been growing in ways I had only hoped it would.

Dave Kerrigan, CEO | BenefitPitch

Let's Get Started

Ready to take the first step toward building a robust sales and marketing framework? Contact us today to learn more about how our agency can accelerate your early wins and set the foundation for long-term success.

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