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Go-to-Market Engine

Fully operational sales teams are at your finger tips — whether you need to standup a new market overnight, compliment your existing resources, or launch sales from the ground up.

Specialized BDRs and AEs to build and grow every deal

Experienced sales coaching and management

Repeatable framework for clear insights

Example Deliverables

Go-to-Market Positioning
◦ Clarify your ideal buyers and your product's unique value

Sales Process Review and Design
◦ Baseline current sales cycle, meetings & opportunities

New Business Development Tooling
◦ CRM launch & integration
◦ Contact databases to generate lead lists
◦ Outreach templates and guidelines
◦ Nurturing sequences mapped and implemented

Goal Setting and Performance Tracking
◦ New appointment baselining and goal setting
◦ A/B testing of outreach efforts
◦ KPIs & activity benchmarks

Sales Opportunity Management and Coaching
◦ End-to-end sales support for opportunity creation and velocity
◦ Ongoing training and refinement to increase your output
◦ Business reviews and forecasting
◦ Performance metrics and outcome presentations

Validation and Modeling
◦ Validate and document your Sales Growth Playbook
◦ Quarterly sales planning template
◦ Proposed compensation plan and goals for your future hires
◦ Revenue impact summary with projections and sales tactics

Our self-sufficient revenue teams are responsible for end-to-end prospect identification, outreach, nurturing, demos & pitching, deal negotiation and proposals.

They are curated to your unique business’ market. Start with a single pod and expand as needed, or spin up 5 at once.

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