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Sales Audit

Struggling to grow revenue or deliver a consistent MRR? We provide an experienced and critical perspective for your current sales operation to help identify high-impact improvements, priorities and opportunities.

Review and refine complete go-to-market

Analyze and optimize lead to revenue cycle

Assess talent and processes for next growth stage

Your audit will review:

◦ Your Sales Go-to-Market strategy, including your unique value proposition, competitive differentiator and target customers

◦ Review of sales and marketing tools that help you acquire and convert new leads

◦ Assessment of your sales talent to ensure the right talent alignment for growth

◦ Observation of sales meetings to listen to your customers and staff in action

◦ Understanding of your deal management process and a pipeline deep-dive

◦ Walk through of the end-to-end customer experience and growth strategies once a customer is onboarded

◦ Analyze your cost of sales model including compensation, targets and marketing allocations

Unblocking revenue growth requires a deep examination of your sales operation. Most stall factors are due to a choice about strategy, process, or organizational design, and can be controlled.

The Resonance Agency delivers an end-to-end analysis of your lead to revenue engine with a team of seasoned C-suite executives from marketing, sales and operations.

We will provide you with a clear assessment and actionable report on how to quickly improve and sustain your revenue growth.

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