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Sales Training

Whether you’re driving every pitch or have a growing team in need of direction, get the step by step training needed to reach the right buyer, close bigger deals and set the foundation for smooth renewals.

Master pricing, forecasting revenue and reaching your buyer

Establish a renewal strategy and partner programs

Hire and train a stellar sales team with the right leader

Example Deliverables

Get Ready for $1M SaaS Deals
◦ See if your team, product and customer are ready to close $1M deals.

Conducting a Swarm
◦ Identify blockers in your sales cycle, and learn how to conduct a swarm — one of the most effective outreach tools there is.

Building the Business Case
◦ Learn the difference between a proposal and a joint business case, how to build one and where you may be going wrong.

Turning Proof of Concept into a 3 Year Deal
◦ Set up the conditions for success and close bigger deals with the right executive sponsor

Renewals and Removing Risk
◦ Learn how to build a successful renewal model and avoid common mishaps from delivery to handovers

The Resonance Agency works directly with executives and sellers alike to strengthen your sales fundamentals, improve productivity and grow revenue.

Get to know your target buyers, package your products and services effectively, and forecast revenue with confidence.

From there, learn how to scale your Go-to-Market engine by establishing your CRM, enterprise sales team, renewal strategies and partnership programs.

Starting from the ground up? Don’t sweat it. We love working with founders to build a dream in-house sales team, including sourcing and training the right sales leader for your team.

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