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Sales Systems & Framework

Repeatable scale is the name of the game. Our team will establish scalable processes, KPIs and end-to-end tooling to support clear and trackable growth.

Accurately measure and track key performance indicators

Build and validate a plan for scalable sales

Setup your CRM, outreach templates & dashboards

Example Deliverables

New Business Development Tooling
◦ CRM launch & integration
◦ Contact databases for list generation
◦ Sales reporting dashboards for lead tracking
◦ Automation tooling to enable scale

Outreach Templates and Implementation
◦ Defined target list generation
◦ Sales outreach messaging for different types of buyer
◦ Nurturing email sequences mapped and implemented
◦ Training and documentation on outreach processes

Goal Setting and Performance Tracking
◦ New appointment baselining and goal setting
◦ A/B testing of outreach efforts
◦ KPIs & activity benchmarks

The Resonance Agency empowers Seed and Series A founders with bandwidth and velocity. We build the systems and framework that amplify outreach to help founders book more meetings.

We lay the early foundation for your business development efforts and equip you with metrics and tooling to help you prove product-market fit.

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