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Sales Enablement

Behind every powerful revenue team is a well of support and resources. We provide the insights, messaging and templates to ensure your team is always putting their best foot forward.

Research-based positioning that helps you stand out

Resources for every stage of the customer journey

Customizable templates so your reps can self-serve

Example Deliverables

Messaging & Positioning
◦ Build personas for your Ideal Customer Profile
◦ Update your messaging and core value propositions
◦ Develop battle cards for your top competitors

Inbound Support
◦ Engaging blog content for every stage of the funnel
◦ Video content and templates for social media
◦ Thought leadership
◦ Ebooks & download-able resources

◦ Fully-automated email sequences
◦ Email newsletter templates

◦ Pre-call checklists and customizable sales decks

◦ Post-call takeaway decks
◦ Case studies
◦ Pricing sheets and brochures

◦ Quote & proposal templates

Sales productivity increases with a deep understanding of each persona in your buying cycle and the tooling for a consistent approach across the sales organization.

From discovery to signature, The Resonance Agency will help you identify who is at the table, what they care most about, and what makes you the obvious choice.

We embed those insights into branded content for every stage of your customer journey, building up a library of customizable resources your team can use to close the deal.

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